Initially, mPoints were calculated using the formula:

UserTotalMilkTIA + 0.2 * (TotalMilkTIA / UserDeFiMilkTIA) / TotalDeFiMilkTIA


  • UserTotalMilkTIA = The total amount of milkTIA a user holds, whether staked or used in DeFi activities.

  • TotalMilkTIA = The total amount of circulating milkTIA.

  • UserDeFiMilkTIA = The amount of milkTIA a user has in DeFi activities, e.g., LP on Osmosis.

  • TotalDeFiMilkTIA = The total amount of milkTIA engaged in all DeFi activities.

With the transition to the updated mPoints calculation system, we introduced some changes to DeFi Booster to better reward DeFi participation and reflect the value users bring to our ecosystem:

  • From 19/12/2023 To 20/02/2024: A booster of 0.55 is applied to all DeFi activities, enhancing Defi points to 1.55 per milkTIA engaged in DeFi per day.

  • After 20/02/2024: This booster is adjusted to 0.25, translating to 1.25 mPoints per milkTIA in DeFi activities per day.

The introduction of these adjustments marks our commitment to ensuring the mPoints system is fair, rewarding, and closely aligned with the active contributions of our users within the MilkyWay ecosystem.

Note: We understand the importance of adaptability in our rapidly evolving DeFi landscape. Therefore, the mPoints calculation system, including the formulae and mechanisms for reward distribution, is open to future enhancements. Our pledge to transparency means we will keep our community informed and engaged regarding any changes or updates.

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