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Modular Staking Portal

MilkyWay is the first modular staking portal that serves both liquid staking and restaking solutions to unlock the potential of modularity. We are on a mission to build whatever that makes staking experience for modular ecosystem as seamless as possible by abstracting away complexities and providing more values to the MilkyWay community, also known as Milkers.

As firm believers in the modular ecosystem, MilkyWay began its journey by pioneering an enhanced liquid staking solution for the Celestia ecosystem in December 2023. This was Phase 1 of our end-to-end staking portal, empowering TIA holders to unlock their staked positions and participate in various DeFi protocols to maximize their returns. Since then, it has gained significant traction from the community, and milkTIA, the receipt token of TIA, is now listed across numerous DeFi protocols.

In the rapidly growing landscape of the blockchain world, MilkyWay is now expanding to Phase 2: a multi-asset restaking protocol designed for the modular ecosystem. This phase aims to solve the fragmented trust and crypto-economic security issues in blockchain networks. By integrating restaking solutions, we support the rapid growth of the modular ecosystem while generating greater yields for our users.

Unlocking Innovation with Modular Design

We believe that modularity is the future and the breeding ground for innovation as it is home for the diverse experiments aimed to improve the specific functionalities of blockchain and interoperability between each layers of a blockchain. MilkyWay was born and built with modularity in mind, designed to grow with its community. Here, passionate builders continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible within the modular ecosystem, ensuring that the entire MilkyWay community benefits from these advancements.

To further accentuate the community’s growth, we have designed a phased approach toward a fully-secured economic flow. This structured rollout ensures that every member of our community not only contributes to but also benefits from the innovative strides we are making. As we progress through each phase, the value and security of the MilkyWay community will be solidified, creating a thriving and sustainable ecosystem for all.

Architecture for Modular Staking Portal

MilkyWay currently offers a liquidity staking solution for the Celestia ecosystem and will soon serve as a restaking layer within the Initia ecosystem. In essence, users will have access to both liquid staking and restaking services through MilkyWay. LST assets of MilkyWay will gain additional utility by providing liquidity on external blockchains and serving as collateral for restaking services. Furthermore, the scope of restaking will extend beyond milk-LST to include other LST assets.

As restaking services gain momentum, we may see a number of players emerging to manage Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs), paving the way for a future where both LST and LRT are utilized in yield tokenization platforms. These capabilities are deeply embedded in MilkyWay's modular design, underscoring our belief in its pivotal role in shaping the future of blockchain.

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