What is MilkyWay?

MilkyWay offers a liquid staking solution for the Celestia (opens in a new tab) ecosystem, it will initially be deployed and operated on Osmosis (opens in a new tab). We are also building the MilkyWay rollup on Initia (opens in a new tab) with Celestia Underneath, and will be offering liquid staking solution for INIT in the form of $milkINIT.

When users liquid stake their TIA coins with MilkyWay (opens in a new tab),they receive an on-chain representation of their TIA staking position, known as milkTIA. This empowers Celestia token holders to access liquidity for their staked assets, enabling trading or their use as collateral in various DeFi products.

Liquid staked TIA automatically compounds staking rewards, and users can withdraw their TIA to receive their native tokens and accrued staking rewards.

Read our Introducing MilkyWay (opens in a new tab) blog to learn more about why we built MilkyWay.

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