MilkyWay is a modular restaking protocol, empowering a truly open market for decentralized trust and solving the fragmented trust and security issues amongst various decentralized services. MilkyWay allows any modular asset from all supported chains to be used to provide crypto economic security to AVSs. As a modular restaking marketplace, MilkyWay provides additional yields to stakers, a new revenue stream to operators, and reduces the complexity of network bootstrapping for all services across all blockchain ecosystems. MilkyWay stands out with an inherently modular technical design which offers several core features that add values to MilkyWay participants.


We have seen numerous projects express the need for a restaking service within the modular ecosystem. Traditionally, shared security from staking has been limited to securing layer one chains. Since EigenLayer introduced the concept of restaking, a new primitive in crypto economic security, assets participating in shared security can extend to various middleware in a more accessible manner, providing security for a broader range of applications.

In response to this demand and opportunity, we are expanding our product suite to include a restaking layer. This will not only support the rapid growth of the modular ecosystem but also generate greater yields for our users. By participating in restaking, users can benefit from both liquid staking yields and additional yields from projects compensating them for the enhanced security.

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