Technical Architect

How secure is the MilkyWay Protocol?

The security of the MilkyWay Protocol is of utmost importance, and it is ensured through a diligent approach:

  • Thorough Testing and Auditing: MilkyWay's code has undergone an audit by Oak Security prior to launch. Check out the full report (opens in a new tab) for details.
  • Open Source Code: Transparency is a key value for us. Our protocol’s code is open-sourced, inviting experts and the community alike to review and collaboratively improve it. This openness not only fosters community involvement but also enhances security through collective scrutiny.
  • An Experienced Team: MilkyWay is powered by a team of seasoned blockchain professionals, including individuals from Tendermint, Osmosis, Cosmostation, Crescent, Oak Security, Composable Finance, Crypto.com.

Read the Meet The Team (opens in a new tab) blog for details.