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Initia is a network for interwoven rollups by binding a highly interwoven system of modular networks through architectural ownership of the L1 orchestration layer, L2 network, and the communication protocol. Milkyway is interwovenly connected to Initia as a Minitia.

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Minitias are Layer 2 application chains within the Initia ecosystem, characterised as fully functional CosmosSDK blockchains that use optimistic rollups for settlement. These chains are distinguished by their rapid block times of 500ms and capacity to handle over 10k tps, positioning them as high-performance platforms for a wide array of applications. Milkyway's restaking layer and liquid staking protocol for the INIT token resides on the MilkyWay Minitia.

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Cryptoeconomic Security

Cryptoeconomic security is a measure of how trustworthy the results of a given service is derived from the combination of cryptographic and economic incentives. In the context of restaking, this is generally defined as whether the Cost of Corruption(CoC) is lower than the Profit from Corruption(PfC). In services that are based on being cryptoeconomically secure, as long as the CoC exceeds the PfC, the service is considered to be cryptoeconomically secure.

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Actively Validated Services (AVSs)

AVSs are services or applications that require operators to perform tasks off-chain. AVSs typically reward the operators and restakers participating on the AVS with some form of reward to attract capital for higher cryptoeconomic security and stable reliable compute power.

Not necessarily related to MilkyWay, but for further reading on the origins of the concept read here.


Operators run nodes and provide compute power for the AVSs they decide to validate for. Assets are delegated to the operators either by themselves, restakers or the AVS to ensure the economic security of the AVS network. In exchange for being the entity that provides compute power, they typically take a commission from all yield generated from their provided compute.

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