Programmable Rules

A technical deep-dive into what programmable rules are

What are Programmable Rules?

Programmable rules are the bread and butter of what makes the MilkyWay restaking layer stand out from traditional restaking and stay laser-focused on the pain points of every actor participating in restaking. This is possible due to MilkyWay envisioning that modularism in the tech stack will be relevant going forward and maintain a vital footing in the crypto space.

Instead of building a restaking layer that is inflexible and force vendor lock-in by limitations of features, MilkyWay envisions vendor lock-in by convenience and replaceable, updatable modules in the restaking layer. At launch we envision two types of programmable rules, which are delegation rules and slashing rules. However we plan on expanding this continuously as we see the needs from the community.

One additional rule we see coming up in the near future would be Asset rules, where the source of restaked assets could be from MilkyWay or from other existing restaking providers such as EigenLayer or Babylon. A combination should also be an option; pooled-pooled security.

How Programmable Rules work?

The technical specification is currently under development and will be updated soon 🚧

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