Technical Architect
Limits and Restrictions

Limits and Restrictions

To ensure a secure and smooth operation for any blockchain project, it’s necessary to impose certain limitations. MilkyWay will launch with the following constraints:

  1. Minimum Liquid Staking Amount — This measure is to prevent DDOS attacks.
  2. Withdrawal Batching — The batch period is set at three days at launch due to a limit on the number of concurrent withdrawal entries. The default maximum entry is seven.
  3. Manual Claiming — This is to comply with the staking rewards regulations of certain countries.
  4. OFAC Sanctioned Countries Restriction — Users from OFAC sanctioned countries will not be able to access our dApp, this is to comply with OFAC’s regulations.
  5. 7 Operators — Celestia’s signature limit is currently set at 7.
  6. Grantee Account’s Limited Authorization — Grantee Account can only stake to specified validator list and transfer between specified accounts.