Technical Architect
Understanding Key Terms

Understanding Key Terms

Before diving into the technical architecture of MilkyWay, let’s get comfortable with a few terms that will pop up:

TIA — the native coin on Celestia.
milkTIA — receipt token that users receive when staking TIA with MilkyWay. It is a reward-bearing token that increases linearly against TIA over time.
Operators — 7 trusted entities entrusted with the operation of the MilkyWay protocol, guardians of the Multisigs.
Validators — established Celestia validators who receive delegations from MilkyWay and selection process will be governed by the MilkyWay DAO in the near future
Staker Multisig — account on Celestia managed by the operators that holds stakers’ funds, grants permission to Grantee to perform staking actions.
Grantee — account on Celestia with limited authorisation used by Coordinator to perform staking actions.
Coordinator — an off-chain program that coordinates between Celestia and Osmosis with the Grantee account to perform transfer and staking actions.

Now that we’re familiar with these terms, let’s delve into the core components of MilkyWay.