Meet the Team Behind MilkyWay

JayB Kim: The Strategic Founder

Leading our team is JayB Kim, the founder of MilkyWay Protocol. His extensive credentials include serving as a Blockchain and Smart Contract Auditor at Oak Security, Lead Blockchain Engineer at Tendermint and Crescent, and CTO at Cosmostation. At MilkyWay, he’s our North Star — guiding every aspect of our protocol.

Joon Whang: The User Experience Expert

Joon Whang brings his expertise to the front lines of our platform as the lead on the frontend platform. His prior work as Frontend Lead at Composable Finance and developer positions at Tendermint and Cosmostation have imbued him with the skills to create a seamless and intuitive user experience for MilkyWay Protocol.

Josie Leung: The Non-Technical Strategist

Josie Leung looks after the operations within the non-technical realms of MilkyWay. With a background that includes roles as Product Owner at Tendermint, Crypto.com, and Composable Finance, and experience in Business Development at LinkedIn, Josie ensures that our operations, community engagement, and market presence are aligned with our mission and goals.