Introduction to UX

UX is the most programmable, safety-first lending algorithm built as a blockchain. As a base layer blockchain, applications and money lego primitives can be built on top of UX to access cross-chain leverage, liquidity, and debt instruments. The UX chain facilitates interoperability between the Cosmos ecosystem, Ethereum, side chain architectures, layer two scaling solutions, rollups, and alternative base layer protocols.

For more detailed information, check out their documentation site (opens in a new tab).

Lend on UX

Here’s how you can get started:

Access UX

First, navigate to UX (opens in a new tab).

Connect Your Wallet

Connect your wallet that holds your milkTIA tokens.

Transfer milkTIA

Under Available Assets, Click on Transfer in the milkTIA row, enter the amount of milkTIA you wish to transfer, and confirm the transaction.

Lend milkTIA

Enter the milkTIA market page, select Supply, enter the amount you wish to lend. Review and confirm.

Borrow on UX

After lending out your tokens as collateral, you can then borrow on UX.


On the market page, select the asset you wish to borrow, select Borrow, and enter the amount.

Confirmation and Monitoring

Confirm the transaction. Once it’s processed, you will receive borrowed assets to freely use for other DeFi opportunities and you can monitor your position’s health status directly on the Dashboard page.

Risk Parameters

milkTIA has the following risk parameters at launch per #145 Governance Proposal:

  • collateral_weight: 0.680000000000000000
  • liquidation_threshold: 0.720000000000000000

Please note that these risk parameters are subject to change, make sure you stay up to date on the latest information when interacting with the protocol.

Tips for Using UX

  • Prevent Liquidation: To mitigate liquidation risks, it is essential to constantly monitor your health factor on the Dashboard page. We highly recommend reading UX’s Lending & Borrowing Documentation (opens in a new tab) to understand how the liquidation threshold is calculated and to comprehend the circumstances under which liquidation occurs before you begin borrowing.
  • Keep an Eye on Interest Rates: Interest rates can fluctuate. Regularly check them to ensure your lending strategy remains profitable.
  • Stay Informed: The DeFi space is rapidly evolving. Stay updated with UX’s updates and general DeFi trends.

Disclaimer: none of this is financial advice. Please do your own due diligence before participating in any of the mentioned protocols.