Introduction to Margined Protocol

Margined Protocol is at the forefront of developing decentralized perpetual protocols and margin engines for the CosmWasm networks. Its hallmark innovation lies in the employment of concentrated liquidity pools, facilitating on-chain price discovery for contracts.

For more detailed information, visit their documentation site (opens in a new tab).

Mint/ Buy and LP

Access Margined

  1. Navigate to Margined: Start by accessing the Margined platform (opens in a new tab).
  2. Connect Your Wallet: Connect the wallet that holds your milkTIA tokens.

Select Asset

  1. LP Page: Go to the LP page, select ‘Mint sqOSMO to LP’, choose TIA from the dropdown, and enable ‘Use staked asset as collateral’.

Mint sqTIA

  1. Mint Process: Specify the amount you wish to mint, select a collateral ratio, review, and confirm.

LP into sqTIA/TIA Pool

  1. Provide Liquidity: Navigate to the sqTIA/TIA pool on Osmosis and engage in liquidity provision for additional yield.
    • 💡 Tip: Besides minting sqTIA, purchasing sqTIA on Osmosis is also an option.

Perp Trade


  1. Navigate: Move to the Power page and select the TIA market.

Long/ Short Positions

  1. Position Choice: Decide on a Long or Short position. For Long, input the amount, set slippage tolerance, and confirm to open. For Short, enable ‘Use staked asset as collateral’, input the amount of milkTIA for collateral, select a collateral ratio, set slippage tolerance, and confirm to open.


  1. Track Position: Post-transaction, keep an eye on your position on the Positions page.

Update/ Close Position

  1. Position Management: Adjust or close your position at any given time on the Positions page.

Tips for Trading on Margined

  • Start Small: For newcomers, small trades are advisable to familiarize with market dynamics.
  • Stay Informed: Market awareness is crucial due to the volatility of cryptocurrency markets.
  • Avoid Liquidation: Maintain a collateral ratio above 150% for short positions and monitor regularly.
  • Leverage Responsibly: Use leverage with caution, as it can significantly impact both gains and losses.
  • Join the Community: Interaction within the Margined community can provide valuable tips, insights, and support.

For more guidance, explore Margined’s Tutorial section (opens in a new tab).

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Always conduct thorough research before engaging in any financial activities.