Introduction to Levana

Levana Well-funded Perps is a cutting-edge protocol for perpetual swaps, offering leveraged trading contracts while prioritizing risk management and security for both traders and liquidity providers. By ensuring all positions are "well-funded," Levana locks in the maximum profit for each position in advance, thus eliminating the risk of bad debt and insolvency.

For more detailed information, check out their documentation site (opens in a new tab).

Provide Liquidity with milkTIA

Access Levana

  1. Navigate to Levana: Start by accessing the Levana platform (opens in a new tab).

  2. Choose Network: Select the Osmosis network to proceed.

  3. Connect Your Wallet: Connect the wallet holding your milkTIA tokens.

  4. Deposit milkTIA: Visit the Earn section and opt to deposit milkTIA via LP or xLP, specifying the amount you wish to deposit, then confirm your action.

    • 💡 Tip 1: xLP options generally offer higher APRs but come with a 45-day unlock period. For more details, refer to Levana’s guide on liquidity provision (opens in a new tab).
    • 💡 Tip 2: Remember, the liquidity pool serves as a counter-party vault for trades. Wins by traders can impact both rewards and the principal of liquidity providers.

Perp Trade with milkTIA


  1. Navigate to Trade: Go to the Trade section and select the milkTIA/USD market.


  1. Choose Position: Decide whether to go Long or Short, select between Market or Limit order, specify the amount of milkTIA for collateral, choose your leverage, and set your Take Profit and Stop Loss Prices.


  1. Review Details: Carefully review the Liquidation Price and Fees based on your selections to ensure you understand all aspects before proceeding.

Confirmation and Monitoring

  1. Confirm Transaction: After confirmation, monitor your position in the Open Positions section.

Update/Close Position

  1. Manage Position: You have the flexibility to update or close your position at any time within the Open Positions area.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Always conduct your own due diligence before participating in any financial activities.