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Withdrawal Process

Withdrawal Process

Users can choose to withdraw their TIA on MilkyWay which involves the 21 unbonding time mandated by Celestia, or swap their milkTIA for TIA on Osmosis or other listed DEXes for instant withdraw.

OsmosisCelestia1. Withdraw TIA 8. Claim TIA with rewards Withdrawal ProcessUserStaking ContractMilkyWayCoordinator2. Contract groups the requests into a batch 6. Wait for an unbonding period (21 days)7. Transfer unbonded TIA back to Osmosis 4. Coordinator delivers requests at the end of batch (every 3 days), Staker MultisigGranteeLimited AuthorizationMilkyWay's validatorsGrants limited authorizationFull Authorization3. Coordinator monitors batch status and information5. milkTIA burnt at the end of batch

Here are the steps to withdraw on MilkyWay — which starts with a user initiating a one-click request to withdraw their TIA.

And under the hood:

  1. Request Initiation and Burn:The withdrawal request goes to the Osmosis Staking Contract which groups the request into a batch. The contract also stores the user’s withdrawal information for the claim process, which is detailed further in the Claim section below.

  2. Undelegate: At the end of every batch period, which is set as 3 days at launch, the Coordinator delivers the requests to Celestia to undelegate uniformly across all MilkyWay’s validators .The user’s milkTIA is burnt once the batch is submitted at the end of the batch period.

  3. Wait: Wait for the 21 unbonding period.

  4. IBC Transfer: The Coordinator then sends the TIA from Celestia back to Osmosis.

Now the TIA is ready for claiming.