Technical Architect
Operators and Validators

Who are MilkyWay's operators and what roles do they play?

As MilkyWay leverages a fusion of CosmWasm contracts, multisig custody system and the Cosmos SDK authz module to introduce liquid staking derivative for Celestia ecosystem on the Osmosis blockchain. It is imperative that we enlist trusted entities to oversee the multisig custody system.

MilkyWay will initally launch with seven trusted operators comprising of Everstake, Chorus One, Allnodes, 01node, DSRV, Keplr and Cosmostation, whom collectively secure $6.6 billion across ecosystems such as Ethereum, Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, and many more.

The multisig accounts on Celestia are configured as a 5-of-7 multisig, utilizing the public keys of the operators.

Who are MilkyWay's validators and what roles do they play?

MilkyWay does not run validators on the Celestia chain; instead, it delegates to validators in Celestia's existing set.

We select well-known validators with years of validating experience to partner with and uniformly delegate across all our validators.

However, users should note that slashing is still a possibility when using the MilkyWay platform, as this depends on the validators' behavior. At genesis, Celestia does not slash for downtime but imposes a 2% penalty for double signing. Users are advised to conduct their own due diligence before participating in staking activities.

MilkyWay will initially launch with twelve validators comprising of Figment, P-OPS, Everstake, Chorus One, Allnodes, 01node, Cosmostation, Hex Trust, DSRV, Keplr, Finoa and CryptoCrew.