MILK Token

What are the economics of the MilkyWay Protocol?

MilkyWay Protocol will charge a 10% fee on all staking rewards generated by milkTIA holders. This fee will be held in a treasury contract. It will be used to fund development, provide incentives to users and validators, act as insurance to compensate stakers in the event of slashing, and support the Celestia ecosystem.

Will the MilkyWay Protocol have a token?

MILK will be the native token of the MilkyWay Protocol. MILK holders will receive a portion of the 10% protocol fee charged on all staking rewards generated by milkTIA holders. MILK will also be the governance token of the MilkyWay Protocol, meaning that MILK holders will have the power to vote on changes to the protocol, such as new features, fee structure, and treasury management.

The MilkyWay Protocol is committed to being 100% governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This means that the community will have full control over the protocol and its future.